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Full steam ahead!

Well, what a month it’s been for us here! We haven’t had much of a chance for a breather and feeling like the days are merging to one. We have managed to get our sheds up and kitted out ready for the chicks, that have started arriving over the past couple of weeks. We feel very fortunate to have secured our birds for the season as we know many shoots have, and our struggling, to get hold of birds due to the current crisis. We have had our first 26,000 chicks delivered and we’re glad to say they seem to be thriving, which is always great to see!

Additionally, we have also been working on other projects for the shoot - upgrading our new gun bus, putting up some new corn bins, and other general maintenance around the shoot, as you can see from the pictures below. Finally, it was brilliant to see a video by @theseatedgun published onto you youtube of when he came along and shot in December, last season. It gives a snippet of the day we provide (minus getting stuck in a bog!!)

Anyway, all work, no play at the moment, we best get back to what we do best!

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